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Indoor Climate Controlled Storage Units with Controlled Access





Self Storage Unit Sizes


To help you decide what size storage unit you need we have listed our storage unit sizes and the potential contents they will hold.  (To be used as a guideline only).


in Feet
in Meters
5 x 5 1.5 x 1.5 A few boxes, small furniture,various small items
5 x 9 1.5 x 2.7 Bachelor apartment
5 x 10;
6 x 10
1.5 x 3.0;
1.8 x 3.0
1 Bedroom apartment
7 x 10;
9 x 10;
10 x 10
2.1 x 3.0;
2.7 x 3.0;
3.0 x 3.0
1-2 Bedroom apartment
9 x 13 2.7 x 4.0 1-2 Bedroom apartment with appliances
9 x 18 2.7 x 5.5 2 Bedroom home with appliances
9 x 20 2.7 x 6.1 3 Bedroom home with appliances



Self Storage Tips

  • Choose a storage unit that will give you enough space to access all your items without having to move anything around.
  • Use pallets/skids to keep your items off the floor.
  • Group items of similar season together.
  • The items you use frequently should be placed close to the entrance of your storage unit.
  • Stack heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.
  • Move in the heavy, bulky items first.
  • Clean and dry refrigerators, etc and leave the door slightly open to avoid mold.
  • Food should never be stored in your unit, it will attract rodents.
  • Wrap breakables like glassware, mirrors, framed pictures, etc with bubble wrap or blankets to protect them.
  • Protect the entire contents of your unit by covering with old sheets or moving blankets to avoid dust that can accumulate.